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A regular fixture pre-covid and now a lifesaver during lockdown, Helen’s home workouts provide a much needed physical and mental boost!

Whether its pilates, bums and tums or just a good cardio workout, there is something here to suit everyone. 
Best of all, you can work at your own level and pace. Helen is always sure to offer a modified version of any exercise, so if you’re
feeling a little jaded, or want to push yourself harder, the options are there. 
Her expertise and experience as a professional fitness instructor combined with her warm and bubbly personality will leave you physically fitter and ready to take on the day. Book a class you’ll be so glad you did.
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Helen is a wonderful teacher. I’ve been going to her classes for a few yrs now. She always looks happy, no matter what and is so motivational. She really make a you feel welcome from your first day…then forever!! If you’re had a bad day..She lifts up your spirits and gets you going.
Don’t go worrying about your size or experience, Helen caters for all and clearly models all levels of exercise.. You won’t feel awkward I promise. You will feel like you have a new family once you go. Everyone is so friendly and welcome new people with a cheery smile. Do go along and have some fun. As Helen says…Stay fit for life. X 
I’ve been exercising with Helen for over six years now and wouldn’t swap her for the world. Her experience shines through and gives you the confidence that you are training safely. She is always patient and always encouraging you to challenge yourself but at your own pace. The range of classes Helen offers ensures there is something for everyone and by the end of each session you really feel that you’ve had a total body workout. It’s great to be part of her team.
Chloe Spann
I have been training with Helen for over seven years now, which is a testimony in itself, to the dedicated, hardworking, committed person that she is in helping you to achieve your fitness goals. 
Helen will most definitely make a positive difference in your life, as she has mine! 
Her fitness classes are fun, extremely rewarding, and tailored to suit any ability. 
Helen genuinely cares to see you succeed in whatever fitness goal you want to achieve and she will encourage and motivate you all the way to achieve this goal! 
Sometimes in life you meet a person who is instrumental in changing your outlook in both fitness and life. 
Helen is one of these people! 
If you’re looking to get fit, contact Helen! 
I have known and have been attending helens classes off and now mainly on Since the nineties, she is not only an exceptional experienced teacher but a warm, affectionate and very understanding human being, not only is she our teacher but our loyal and devoted friend who has been with us all through thick and thin and I hope us with her, I know I speak for us all when I say we are not only keeping fit but are part of a big friendship family, and it’s due to helens commitment, drive and enthusiasm that we are all still together and exercising, she is keeping us fit, safe and well long term and personally I cannot thank her enough.
Josie Sullivan.
I have been going to Helen Eracli’s classes for at least 18 years and have experienced several different classes as well as several different venues with her.
At some point she had not only been training me but all of my 3 children have attended as well.
This shows how diverse her class can be; from the fittest to the ones striving to be fit; from the young to the not so young.
I love Helen’s classes because she inspires and encourages you to do more than you think you  can. Even through this tough time in lock down, I look forward to the morning class on Zoom as it sets me up for the day.
Keep going Helen.
Helen is a highly talented, magically motivating health, fitness and beauty professional.  Over the years Helen has encouraged me to get fitter, stronger and healthier and even when my daughter was born, fourteen years ago, through her inspiration  I discarded the doctors recommended medication and replaced it with consistent exercise.
During lock down, Helen’s positive, magnet-like personality, faith in me, friendship, trust, time, communication and empowerment has joyously saved me. 
Thank you Helen
This lady is the best instructor I’ve ever come across…since finding here 22 years ago and doing various other classes throughout the years even in other countries!!! I have never come across a better fitness instructor! shes consistent in excellence and her classes are 5* she is just STAR QUALITY!!
I have been coming to Helen for almost 21 years. Helen has given me a lot of confidence and has helped me every step of the way when exercising. Her classes are for everyone and welcomes everyone. I am so happy to be part of Helens team as she is so inspirational. She makes it so much fun and the atmosphere is phenomenal
Thank you so much Helen.
I joined this class on a recommendation from a friend . The teacher, Helen, was very warm and friendly and made an effort to get to know me quickly. 
The class was a step class which I had not done for more than 25 years but with the patience and reassurance of Helen and the encouragement from the rest of the class I soon picked it up again. 
The class is very inclusive and everyone feels comfortable working at a level that is suitable for them. Helen offers lots of alternatives to meet people’s needs but does it so efficiently that no one has time to get bored or let their heart rate lower . 
I look forward to this class on a Monday night as it is great fun with excellent music . 
During lock down Helen has moved the classes online as this has been just as fun and energetic. I always know that I work harder in this class than on my own – my heart rate monitor shows me.
Thank you Helen for keeping us all fit in lock down. 


” I have been going to Helen’s classes for many years, she has shown me the same care and attention and enthusiasm as anyone else.
Her classes, whether done on the internet or in actual time are serious, focused on maintaining fitness, with care given to ensure the exercises are done correctly to ensure participants benefit as much as they can from the workout.
Everyone in the class is catered for – from beginners to seasoned athletes. 
You come away from a class full of energy, feeling positive, having accomplished as much as you can, from an exhilarating workout, in a caring environment.
Helen’s personality is caring and enthusiastic and she can motivate anybody, from those who maybe don’t feel 100% to those about to run a marathon.
She takes time in every single class to personally greet and say “Thank you” to everyone. You feel you are much more than just someone who comes to a fitness class. 
If you attend one of Helen’s classes you come away feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually. 
This is teaching fitness as it should be taught !”
I have been going to Helen’s classes for around 20 years! I am now 66 yrs old and still love her classes. She pitches the excercises at different levels, so I can participate fully, even if not at the level of the 20yr olds!! She is totally inclusive, and I hope to continue until I’m 86….or older!!! Fully recommend 100%. 
I’ve been going to Helen’s Pilates classes for about a year and a half with my two teens. She was so welcoming, making us feel all comfortable and explaining everything from the start, but in a way that doesn’t hold the rest of the class up…. most exercises are tailored so that you can pace yourself and nothing is ever too hard nor too easy.
She is friendly and approachable with a calm demeanour and even through lockdown and online classes I am left feeling relaxed and invigorated.  She also attracts lovely clients with her vibe!
Marcelle Bird
“Pilates at home has been one of the things keeping me going during lockdown, especially because I am shielding. 
I first started attending Pilates classes with Helen in 2018 following advice from a physiotherapist and I haven’t looked back! 
The first person I thought of was Helen as I had attended her Zumba classes in the past and I am so thankful for the sessions she provides. She has adapted with the times incredibly well to provide classes online and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Helen’s approach to fitness is inclusive and welcoming, making sure that everyone in attendance (in any class) understands not only the safe steps to complete each exercise but the benefits of each exercise. I would encourage anyone who has been considering taking up Pilates to get in touch with Helen. 
Her classes, no matter how ‘fit’ you are, are effective because Helen she customises the exercises for each level of fitness.
The warm and welcoming atmosphere at Friern Fitness is a testament to Helen and her character as an individual and fitness coach and I can’t imagine not attending classes as part of my health and well-being.” 


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